The potion of health, beauty and happiness

I drink this potion twice a day in 500ml beer glass, ’cause I like to feel fancy.

If you want to be hydrated but at the same time don’t enjoy drinking plain water, it’s a match! Also, it’s good for you – lemon basically equals vitamin C, ginger warms you up, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and honey is just pure gold. You can modify this: use lime instead of lemon, don’t use honey, drink cooled etc. You are a free person. You can do what you want.

After breakfast, I drink the basic version of the potion. In the evening though, I drink a premium version which contains turmeric. It tastes a bit fancier. But still delicious.


  • water
  • lemon
  • honey
  • ginger
  • turmeric (pro version)

I start by warming up 500ml of water – it should be warm, but not boiling! Otherwise all the vitamin goodness will die and honey will transform into Satan. Next, I pour that warm water to a glass and add juice from about a quarter of lemon, grated ginger (something like 1x1x1cm cube) and a spoon of honey. For the pro version I add a half of spoon of turmeric. Then I stir everything till combined and feel healthy and warm inside as I drink it.

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